The Power of Positive Thinking

A tourist who was walking around the city came upon a construction site, he saw three men busy with their tasks of laying the bricks.

Wanting to check, the inspiration, the motivation with which they were engaged in the exact same job, he asked the first man what he was doing ? and the man said he was laying bricks.

when he asked the second man the exact same question, the man said he was building a wall.

When he turned to the third man and asked what he was doing, he said he was building a cathedral.

The power of positive thinking

Three men doing the exact same task, but their outlook to their work is so different.

The first man an “ordinary outlook – get your job done”.

The second man a “normal outlook – makes something big that can make you big money”.

The third man an “extraordinary outlook – seeing the bigger picture”, not the brick, not the wall, but the cathedral and doing his bit, playing his small part in making something spectacular.

Such inspired individuals are happy to be a part of a larger purpose, happy to work together as a team giving their 200% to what they do, not only do they  feel fully satisfied with their work, not only do they grow professionally, but they become heroes, often unsung heroes, in creating something incredibly amazing.

During one of his visits to NASA, JF Kennedy asked a janitor, mopping up the floor, whats your job at NASA was ? and the gentleman instantly replied, I’m helping sail a man to the moon.

This is the power of positive thinking. So are you laying brick ? building a wall ? or creating a towering cathedral ?

Think Big. Think Positive.




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